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Aims and Scope of the Journal

Journal on Electronic and Automation Engineering, ISSN:


Scope of the Journal

Automated material handing systems, Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Industrial Electronics, Bioelectronics, Micro/nano systems, Power Systems and Power Electronics, Microwave and Wireless Communications, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Computer Science & Engineering, Systems & Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical and Autonomous Vehicles, Quantum Electronics, Flexible Electronics, Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS), Electronic Multimedia, Industry 4.0 implementation, Advance process control, Electronic Materials, Embedded Systems, Advanced Power Semiconductors, Satellite Communication Systems, Analogue and Digital Signal Processing, Sensing and Sensor Network, Collaborative Robotics, Embedded intelligence, Machine vision, Internet of things, Industrial Informatics, Human machine/robot interaction, Intelligent manufacturing systems, Robots and systems, echatronics, Opto-mechatronics, Scheduling and dispatching, System integration, Intelligent manufacturing, Intelligent diagnostics, Smart grid, Automation Applications & Innovations, Autonomous & Mobile Robots, AI & Smart Automation, Automatic optical inspection, Autonomous vehicles.