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Advanced Materials, ISBN: 978-81-965783-2-9

Algorithm for Optimization, ISBN: 978-81-960524-1-6

Artificial Intelligence, ISBN: 978-81-965783-4-3

Banking Theory Law and Practice, ISBN: 978-81-960524-4-7

Basic Computer Programming and Application, ISBN: 978-81-960524-0-9

Basic Manufacturing Technology, ISBN: 978-81-965465-3-3

Basic Principle of Management, ISBN: 978-81-965783-3-6

Blockchain Technology, ISBN: 978-81-964810-4-9

Business Analytics, ISBN: 978-81-964810-0-1

Computer Networking, ISBN: 978-81-965465-0-2

Computer Programming and Application, ISBN: 978-81-956353-4-4

Cost Accounting, ISBN: 978-81-965783-6-7

Digital Marketing for E-Commerce, ISBN: 978-81-964810-6-3

Essence of Digital marketing, ISBN: 978-81-965783-9-8

Essence of Manufacturing Technology, ISBN: 978-81-965465-9-5

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy, ISBN: 978-81-965783-1-2

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technology, ISBN: 978-81-965783-8-1

Fundamentals of Online Marketing, ISBN: 978-81-965465-8-8

Fundamentals of E Commerce, ISBN: 978-81-965465-1-9

Fundamentals of Mechatronics and Control, ISBN: 9788193609705

Fundamentals of Nano Technology, ISBN: 978-81-964810-2-5

Fundamentals of blockchain technology, ISBN: 978-81-964810-1-8

Fundamentals of Java Programming, ISBN: 978-81-960524-5-4

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, ISBN: 978-81-965465-5-7

Fundamentals of Macro Economics, ISBN: 978-81-965465-2-6

Fundamentals of Banking, ISBN: 978-81-960524-7-8

Financial Accounting, ISBN: 978-81-965465-7-1

Human Resource Management, ISBN: 978-81-965465-6-4

Introduction to Computer and its Applications, ISBN: 978-81-960524-3-0

Introduction to Computing, ISBN: 978-81-964810-9-4

Introduction to Data Analytics, ISBN: 978-81-964810-3-2

Machine Learning, ISBN: 978-81-965783-5-0

Nano Technology, ISBN: 978-81-964810-7-0

Macro Economics, ISBN: 978-81-965465-4-0

Principles of Management, ISBN: 978-81-960524-8-5

Research Methodology, ISBN: 978-81-964810-5-6

Soft Computing, ISBN: 978-81-960524-9-2

Supply Chain Management, ISBN: 978-81956353-9-9

Total Quality Management, ISBN: 978-81-960524-6-1