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Ramachandra Educational and Sports Trust is a nongovernmental organization that has educated and empowered Youth from India as well as to improve the sports performance by providing the best infrastructure to students to show their excellence. REST Trust is registered under the Government of India with number 43/2009 in 2009. REST is a growing organization in every way from 2009 due to continuous effort was taken by board members of Ramachandra Educational and Sports Trust. REST publisher is the first initiative of this trust.

REST Society for Research International

REST Society for Research International (RSRI) is an interdisciplinary professional society is created by a group of the researcher in the various area of specializations across the world. The RSRI came into existence on February 28, 2009, thanks to the farsighted vision of founder members and laid the foundation for its impressive growth of the society. RSRI is sponsored by Ramachandra Educational and Sports Trust and supported by individual members. RSRI recognizes contributions to research through various Distinguished Awards. RSRI co-sponsors the various publication published by the REST Publishers.

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