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International Books & Journals Publisher

Volume 7 Issue 2

REST Journal on Emerging trends in Modelling and Manufacturing

Volume 7, Issue 2  2021


1. A Review on Coir fibre Reinforced Composites with Different Matrix
Page No: 25-32 Author : R. Kurinjimalar, S. Vimala, M. Silambarasan, S. Chinnasami. DOI: 2. A CRITICAL ANALYSIS ON CYBER SECURITY IN LATEST TECHNOLOGIES
Page No: 33-38 Author : SYED IBRAHIM S; VASANTH KRISHNA E DOI: 3. A Review on the Multi Objective Optimization in Turning Operation of SS304 Sheet Metal Component
Page No: 39-46 Author : N. J. Rathod1, Dr. M. K. Chopra1, U. S. Vidhate2 DOI: