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International Books & Journals Publisher

Volume 6 Issue 3

REST Journal on Emerging trends in Modelling and Manufacturing

Volume 6, Issue 3  2020


1. A Study on Group Technology Method Utilized in FMS
Page No: 62-70 Author : Rushabh Podder, Karan Vaghela,M. Ramachandran. DOI:
2. Modelling and Analysis of Rack and Pinion Using Different Material Combination
Page No: 71-78 Author : I Bharathwaraj, J Nalin Raj, KA. Pradheep, M.P. Jenarthanan. DOI:
3.A Study on Modelling of Flexible Manufacturing System
Page No: 79-81 Author : Muhammed Zakariya Wagadiya, Kavya Gupta. DOI:
4.A Review on Scheduling Process in Flexible Manufacturing System
Page No: 82-89 Author : Siddhesh Dharmameher, Shashank Dand, M. Ramachandran. DOI: