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International Books & Journals Publisher

Volume 6 Issue 2

REST Journal on Emerging trends in Modelling and Manufacturing

Volume 6, Issue 2  2020


1. Overview of different warehousing methodology for flexible manufacturing system
Page No: 35-39 Author : Rohit Shelke, Pranav Parab, M. Ramachandran DOI:
2. Analysis of Tensile Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Composite
Page No: 40-44 Author : D. Veda Swaroop, D. Mahesh, B. Naga Sai Phani Kumar, Jenarthnana M P DOI:
3. A review on automated guided vehicle utilization in FMS System
Page No: 45-49 Author : Jeet Thaker, Harshit Maisuria, M. Ramachandran DOI:
4. Productivity Enhancement of an Indian Tractor Manufacturing Company by Using Industrial Engineering Tools
Page No: 50-53 Author : Dr. Rajnish Katarne, Dr. Satyendra Sharma, DOI:
5. Study on Various Plant Layout used in Flexible Manufacturing System
Page No: 54-61 Author : Jeemit Patel, Karan Patel,M. Ramachandran DOI: