International Books & Journals Publisher
International Books & Journals Publisher

Volume 1 Issue 1

1.  Bible and the Women: A Feminist Perspective of the Holy Bible
    Page No: 01-02
    Author : B. Sharan and S. Franklin Daniel
2. Culturalistic View of Women in India in the select novels of Jhabvala
    Page No: 03-04
    Author : Saranya Devi. P and G. Keerthi
3.  Designing the future worlds: an exploration in the dystopian arenas
    Page No: 05- 06 
    Author : Esme Robina. R and Ann Thomas
4.  ‘Marginal Man’ in The Legends of Pensam and The Bharandas
    Page No: 07-10
    Author : A. A. Vijaya Jyothi
5. Innovative Language Teaching and Learning Methodologies
    Page No: 11-13
    Author : R.Calaivanane
6.  Narratives and functional elements in showcasing culture and life in Perumal Murugan’s One Part Woman
    Page No: 14-16 
    Author : Priya. P
7.  Imparting Ethics and Values Through Literature for Technology and Management Students: A Study of Morris West’s The Big Story
    Page No: 17-19
    Author : C. Grace Rajakumari & S. Rukmini
8.  Memoir of Jung Chang and Amy Tan - A Comparative Study
    Page No: 20-22
    Author : S.Jayanthi
9.  Invigorating stage spaces: A study of Badal Sircar Third Theatre
    Page No: 23-25
    Author : Felicit Beneta 
10. Using Direct Method of Teaching a Foreign Languages   
    Page No: 26    
    Author : Sabastian Satish J and Srilatha Srinivasan 
11. Merits and Demerits of Using ICT in Teaching and E-Learning Platforms: Specially from the Perspectives of the Visually Challenged Persons    
    Page No: 27-31     
    Author : Akilandeshwari Srinivasan
12. The Navigation of Newsela as metacognitive reading strategy among engineering students     
    Page No: 32-35      
    Author : Hethesia D and S. Mercy Gnana Gandhi
13. Efficacy of Multimedia Integration for Writing Skills in English    
    Page No: 36-38     
    Author : Rafic Taj. V and Umme Kulsum
14. Student’s drift from academics reasons and solutions from the faculties end    
    Page No: 39     
    Author : Elamathi 
15. Relooking into the estranged father- son relationship in Dance like a Man     
    Page No: 40-41      
    Author : Kuljeet Kaur 
16. Kamala Markandaya’s Possession – A Thematic Study     
    Page No: 42-43     
    Author : S. Savitha 
17. Taking technology to the rural learners     
    Page No: 44    
    Author : Rema.V 
18. J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter: A Study of Campbell’s ‘monomyth 
    Page No: 45-47     
    Author : K. Nagamani 
19. Emergence of New Women in Chitra Banerjee’s Sister of My Heart
    Page No: 48-49
    Author : Diana Rachal Gnanadeepam
20. The darker side of Black Women’s life: A study with reference to Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
    Page No: 50-52
    Author : K. Sri Vidya Lakshmi
21. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” as a universal protest against racism and oppression
    Page No: 53-54
    Author : K. C. Mythili
22. Woman: A Victim of Society (Echo from Shashi Deshpande’s novel - “The Dark Holds No Terrors”)
    Page No: 55-57
    Author : D. Theresa Lourdes Christi
23. Gender Inequality in Adichie’s ‘Americanah’
    Page No: 58-59 
    Author : Asha Manorah Jenefer
24. Literature is an Expression of Social Reality: Mother’s Unparallelled Love  
    Page No: 60-62 
    Author : G. Immanuel
25. A Fututistic Approach on Employability Skills
    Page No: 63- 64
    Author : B. Rajalakshmi
26. Affective Teaching and its Effect on English Language Classroom  
    Page No: 65-67 
    Author : Kavitha. K
27. The Need to Redefine and Reinterpret the Definition of Communication    
    Page No: 68-69  
    Author : Salam Barun Singh
28. Enhancing Language Learning through Social Media
    Page No: 70-71
    Author : S. Sylviya and S. Chidambararani 
29. Socio- Cultural transformation in the play of Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajit
    Page No: 72-75
    Author : G. Kiran Kumar Reddy and P.Nagarjuna
30. A Depth study of Political Administration with reference to Tamil literature
    Page No: 76-79
    Author : K. Rani Lakshmi 
31. Ecofeminism in Alice Walker’s Poem: Going Out to The Garden
    Page No: 80-81
    Author : Afrin Khan. A & Suneera Gladson