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Volume 2 Issue 2

Recent trends in Management and Commerce
ISBN No: 978-81-936097-6-7
Volume 2 Issue 2


1. Impact of Digital Economy Issues and Challenges
Page No: 01-04
Author: Bhagyashree Nilesh Deshpande; Dr. Pranati Tilak
2. Association Between Job Performance and Selected Demographic Variables Among Women Faculty Members
Page No: 05-09
Author: N. M Louly; Dr. K. Kanniammal
3. A Study on Portrayal of Women in Advertisement A Perception Analysis with Special Reference to Shivamogga District
Page No: 10-14
Author: P B. Rudramuni
4. A Study on Various Forms of Gold Investment
Page No: 15-18
Author: R. Naveena; Dr. D. Sumathi
5. A Study on Customer Perception on Impact of Mobile Commerce
Page No: 19-21
Author: J. Kavipriyadharsini; S. Aarthi
6. Nit – Picking Scrutiny of Nap in Public Sector and Private Sector Banks
Page No: 22-24
Author: Dr. Sambamurthy Padmavathi; N. S. Srimathi
7. A Study on Awareness Level of Retirement Plans Among Youngsters
Page No: 25-27
Author: M. janani; Dr. S. Sambamurthy Padmavathi
8. A study on factors positively influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers towards Electric Vehicles with reference to Chennai city.
Page No: 28-30
Author: Lakshmi Vijayaraghavan; Dr. S. Rukmani
9. Job Satisfaction on the Mental Health of Employees of HCL
Page No: 31-35
Author: Dr. C. K. Deepa; Ms. Aruna
10. Features Awareness and Satisfaction Level of Kiosk Banking Services
Page No: 36-38
Author: Dr. V. Chitra; K. Merudhuleswari
11.A Study on Impact of Promotional Activities on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Cosmetic Products in Chennai City
Page No: 39-41
Author: G. Thirupura Sundari; Dr. S. Rukmani
12.Appraisal of Select Pharma and Healthcare Funds In Covid Scenario
Page No: 42-43
Author: Dr. D. Sasikumar; Dr. K. Thamilarasi
13.Equality in workspace Screening in digital dice
Page No: 44-47
Author: S. Sukirthana; Sambamurthy Padmavathi
14.Ethical Behavior of Youngsters Regarding Social Media
Page No: 48-52
Author: D. Kalarani: Dr. V. Darling Selvi
15.A study on welfare benefits of India shoes exports private limited
Page No: 53-55
Author: Dr. N. Sharadha
16.Goods & Service's Tax —“Reshaping the Indian Economy”
Page No: 56-58
Author: S. Kanchana
17.A Study on Agricultural Finance
Page No: 59-62
Author: Dr. V. Mary Diana; Dr. B. Selva Kumari
18.A Study on E-Banking and Sway on Youngsters
Page No: 63-64
Author: P. Akilandeswari; M. Anushya
19.Effect Of Marketing Mix Elements On Brand Awareness Of Consumer Durables
Page No: 65-66
Author: M.Sailakshmi
20. Impact On Digital Technology On Learning Among Students with Reference to Chennai City
Page No: 67-71
Author: N.saranya
21. A Study On Usage of Smartphones Among College Students
Page No: 72-75
Author: B.Kavitha; Dr.S.Shenphgavalli
22. Comrade to Customer Care for fair
Page No: 76-78
Author: Radhika Jayakumar
23. An Analysis of Customer Perception about Bancassurance An Empirical Study
Page No: 79-86
Author: D. R. Pallavi; Dr. Anasuya Rai
24. “A Comparative Study about the work environment pre and post covid of the employees working in textile industry with respect to Chennai city”.
Page No: 87-91
Author: Ms, Sambamurthi Murthy; V.Sarvasree Rajalakshmi Jain